Software Modernization

Improve business agility, by making change easier and faster

We improve the quality of your existing software

Align your business and technology to enable change and make innovation and market competition possible.

Get the advice your organization needs to create a better technical capability. Co-create a technology strategy by working with our expert teams to define an actionable roadmap to modernize your core systems, architecture, processes, and technology to better support your business objectives.

Software Architecture

Re-architect your systems to meet business needs

Unlock the speed, flexibility, scale, and automation benefits of your systems architecture that can quickly adapt to changing business demands. By making your architecture cloud native. We will help your team define a modular, services-based architecture and develop your infrastructure as code in the cloud.

Clean Architecture, Hexagonal Architecture, Event Sourcing, CQRS, DDD

Software stabilization

Resolve bugs with fixes that last

Don’t let unnecessary slowness, bugs, crashes, or other hindrances slow down your business. Our team will find the problems, correct them, and implement appropriate safeguards, so they don’t resurface. Costly maintenance will soon be just a bad dream.

TDD, Integration Test, Clean Code, DDD, Clean Architecture

Software rewrites

Leverage your wisdom to rewrite your platform

We’ll work with your team to capture the important lessons and logic within the system it’s replacing. That transition will come with thorough testing practices that ensure we deprecate code only after the new system has adequately achieved feature parity.

Event Storming, TDD, Clean Code, Calisthenics Objects, DDD

Pipeline Optimisation

Release software with confidence

Gain stability in your deployment processes with automated builds, testing, and deployments. We’ll introduce infrastructure as code and containerization techniques to streamline workflows and remove deployment surprises.


Build more secure systems

Build more secure systems by integrating security into every phase of the development process. Our software crafters bake security directly into features by introducing automated test coverage for security requirements, conducting security reviews early to avoid rework, and integrating security expertise throughout the development process.

ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). OSWAP

Cloud Migration

Migrate to the cloud

Reduce your operational costs while gaining the flexibility and dependability of cloud-based infrastructure. We will migrate your servers to the cloud and configure them to your performance needs.

Software Life cycle

Tailor your value stream

Optimize your software change process to increase delivery effectiveness.

Teams Culture

Evolve towards a culture of excellence

Nurture a learning culture in your organization to promote innovation and create high-quality products.

Create teams designed to work in parallel with minimal disruptions, with a culture of knowledge sharing.

Learning Networks, Mob Programming, Software Crafts, Management 3.0, DevOps, Agile, Scrum, eXtreme Programming

The language we master

Vue js 3

How we work with you !

Staff augmentation

Well-established teams with expertise in Agile, DevOps, and Software Craftsmanship principles can work alongside your teams to not only deliver on your existing backlog but to establish practices related to creating software that is easy to change, including fully automated test suites and infrastructure-as-code.

Project Team

Our cross-functional team of Product, Design and Delivery experts will take your next product vision and support you on your journey in bringing it to market.

Education & Coaching

And when it is time to leave your team with your new crafted software, we will not have your team alone without all the tools necessary to continue our work. We are here to train and coach your teams.

Present your project

If you have a great idea for crafts, let us know, present your idea, and we will contact you asap to see how we can collaborate on your success.