MIchel Goldenberg

Co-founder, Software Crafter, Certified Scrum Trainer


Michel started working in software development in 1999 and with Agile in 2001 when he first used eXtreme Programming as a team member in a very complex project in Brazil; since that project, Michel decided to focus his career on coaching and training in Agile.

Some call him a nomad because he is always working worldwide and moving from country to country to find the most challenging market so he can constantly improve in Agile by helping people learn and apply it. During his journey, Michel became Certified Scrum Trainer (2009), a TAC member (2017), and a Path to CSP educator (2019).

In 2020 Michel Decided to relearn coding and focused on becoming a Software Craftsman.


Co-founder, Software Crafter, Certified Scrum Trainer, SocraDev, Switzerland
2017 - Present
Co-founder, Certified Scrum Trainer, Agile Coach, Hackadme, England / Portugal / Brazil
2015 - 2017
Director of the Agile department, Zenika, France
2009- 2015
Co-founder, Certified Scrum Trainer, Agile Coach, GoToAgile, Brazil
2008 - 2009
Solution Architect, Agile Coach, Hydro Quebec, Montreal Canada
2007 - 2008
Architect EAI/SOA, Agile Coach, Banque Nationale du Canada, Montreal Canada
2006 - 2007
Solution Architect, Agile Coach, ING Canada, Montreal Canada
2004 - 2006
Architect EAI, Bombardier aéronautique, Montreal, Canada


Crafting Software65%
Agile Coaching95%
Team Typologies80%

Contact Info

Phone : +41 79 488 94 75
Email : Contact@socradev.ch