Session 03: Transformation Priority Premise


In the first two lessons, we master the basics of TDD Classicist; it’s time to move forward and learn a tool from Uncle Bob Martin, the TPP or Transformation Priority Premise. Then, as usual, we will resolve a kata with the new things we learn in Mob or Pair programming, depending on the number of candidates.


Depending on the session details, each participant must be familiar with an Object Oriented or functional programming language.
Follow sessions 1 to 2 of the Technical Excellence training list.


  1. Start the resolution of a Kata with what we have learned so far
  2. Learn about the TPP
  3. Start the previous Kata again, but now with the help of the TPP


Architect, Software Engineer


  • Understand the TPP and how we could use it.
  • Practices the TPP in a Kata.

For France Candidate

* May be financed through OPCO (if financing covers all of the cost of the training)
* Cannot be financed through the CPF

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