Session 02: TDD Great Habits


Now that we have learned the basics of TDD, we can focus on the TDD great habits and become more proficient in mastering TDD. We will learn more about triangulation, the rules of 3 duplications, and test the intention, not the implementation.


Depending on the session details, each participant must be familiar with an Object Oriented or functional programming language.
Follow session 1 of the Technical Excellence training list.


  1. Introduction to TDD greats habits
  2. Triangulation
  3. Test AAA
  4. Testing bad smell
  5. Resolve in Pairs or Mob your first Kata


Architect, Software Engineer


  • Understand TDD’s great habbits
  • Understand the triangulation
  • Understand the rules of 3 duplicates

For France Candidate

* May be financed through OPCO (if financing covers all of the cost of the training)
* Cannot be financed through the CPF

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