Session 01 : Introduction to Classicist TDD


We begin the journey from the rules of Classicist TDD, focusing on interactive practice. We will explain where the practices come from and the basic rules before resolving our first exercise in Mob or Pair programming, depending on the number of candidates.


Each participant must be familiar with an Object Oriented or functional programming language, depending on the session details


  1. Introduction on what’s about the training
  2. What’s the Software Crafts
  3. About eXtreme Programming
  4. How Mob and Pair programming work
  5. Learn the basic steps of Classicist TDD
  6. Resolve in Pair or Mob your first Kata


Architect, Software Engineer


  • Has a basic understanding of what Software Crafts is and from where it comes
  • Know the basic steps of Test-Driven Development
  • Understand what is and what’s not
  • Understand how mob programming and Pair programming work

For France Candidate

* May be financed through OPCO (if financing covers all of the cost of the training)
* Cannot be financed through the CPF

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