Enhance your capability to deliver quality software faster

Enhance your ability to deliver faster by training your teams

Enhance your team’s skillset with our industry-leading training courses. We create bespoke training plans adapted to your business needs.



Leading trainings from Alcor Academy

These leading training from Alcor Academy provides modules each of 6 half-days training where your team learns to the expert’s levels of software craftsmanship: Test Driven Development, Refactoring, Calisthenics Objects Rules, Clean Code, Hexagonal Architectures, SOLID, and many more modern software practices.

The following modules are available in French and English :

  • Walk: Learn the TDD Classist practices
  • Run: Master the refactoring practices
  • Fly: Apply to Walk and Run production code
  • Code Renovation: Learn how to bring a second life to your existing products

TDD, BDD, Refactoring, Objects Calisthenics, SOLID, KIS, Clean Architecture, DDD, Hexagonal Architecture, CQRS

Scrum Alliance

Leading training from Scrum Alliance

Alexandre Cuva & Michel Goldenberg have nearly 20 years of experience providing Scrum Alliance Certified training in English, French, and Portuguese.

The following certified cycle is available :

  • Scrum Master: CSM, A-CSM, and CSP-SM
  • Product Owner: SPO, A-CSPO, and CSP-PO
  • Developers: CSD, A-CSD, and CSP-SD

Scaled Agile

Leading Training from Scaled Agile

Alexandre Cuva is our SAFe trainer; with his strong experiences in applying SAFe to various sectors, he shares his experiences with the students during his training

We provide the following training:

  • Leading SAFe 5.x
  • SAFe Scrum Master
  • SAFe Product Owner / Product Management
  • SAFe Teams

How we work with you !

Staff augmentation

Well-established teams with expertise in Agile, DevOps, and Software Craftsmanship principles can work alongside your teams to not only deliver on your existing backlog but to establish practices related to creating software that is easy to change, including fully automated test suites and infrastructure-as-code.

Project Team

Our cross-functional team of Product, Design and Delivery experts will take your next product vision and support you on your journey in bringing it to market.

Education & Coaching

And when it is time to leave your team with your new crafted software, we will not have your team alone without all the tools necessary to continue our work. We are here to train and coach your teams.

Present your project

If your teams need training, let us know, present your idea, and we will contact you asap to see how we can collaborate on your success.