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// Our History

Discover the incredible story about our company.

In 2016 SoCraAgile was created by a group of Software Craft and Agile community co-founders in Switzerland and Vietnam. The company has dedicated itself to promoting Software Crafts and Agile practices worldwide for the first six years.  

SoCraDev is a global organization with its site in Nyon, Switzerland, at the border of Geneva Lake.

SoCraDev was founded in the spinoff of SoCraAgile, wishing to dedicate himself to Agile practices in general without the Software parts. SoCraDev was opened in March 2022 with Alexandre Cuva & Michel Goldenberg as their original co-founder. And in October 2022, Khaled Souf joined the team. 

We understand that our customers have a common problem, their maintenance is costly and not adapted to today’s fast market changes

We provide an agency dedicated to helping our customers to embrace digital with peace than with pain by bringing ours over +50 years of experience in company strategies and modern software practices.

// Our People

Our people come from many different countries and backgrounds and are all brought together by a shared passion for craftsmanship and quality.

Khaled Souf

Khaled Souf

CTO Partner, Software Crafter, Technical Coach

Khaled is a passionate Globe-trotter software developer, software architect, agile technical coach, and trainer with more than 15 years of experience. Khaled has an exceptional career in the field of computer science. From senior developer to technical leader, he quickly became interested in the quality techniques that come from crafting software.

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Michel Goldenberg

Michel Goldenberg

Co-founder, Software Crafter and Certified Scrum Trainer

Michel started working in software development in 1999 and with Agile in 2001 when he first used eXtreme Programming as a team member in a very complex project in Brazil; since that project, Michel decided to focus his career on coaching and training in Agile.

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Alexandre Cuva

Alexandre Cuva

Co-founder, Software Crafts, Agile Technical Coach

Alexandre Cuva is a passionate agile problem-solver, Scrum, and Agile Lean coach from Vietnam, Switzerland, and Italy. He has more than 23 years of working experience in the software industry, with over 15 years in Agile in the financial, insurance, telecom, outsourcing, and government sectors.

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