Make your legacy software digital

We turn your legacy system into a modern and scalable digital experience without having the high risks of making new software.

Our Services


Process Digitalization

We help our customers to move their software to the digital world without painful migration to new software but by just reworking the necessary pieces and improving their resilience.


Improve Resilience

We support our customers to reduce the maintenance costs by improving resilience and stability; by applying modern software engineering technics, we enhance the product life cycle & reducing the time to markets



We provide our customers with the needed training and coaching to embrace collaboration and modern software practices. So their shift to their digital area is sustainable and effective.

Advantages of moving your legacy system to digital?

Modernizing your legacy software or system brings advantages that all the company can benefit from.

  • You enhance your response to market change.
  • You adapt your software to new requirements more frequently.
  • Your application becomes home office compliant and secure

We keep up your digital systems by guidance & tutoring

Embracing digital is not only about improving the resilience and delivery of your software, but also the way people work in your organization.

We provide our customers with the needed training and coaching to champion modern software and collaboration practices.

Who we are

We understand, our customers have a common problem, their maintenance are costly and not adapted to today’s fast market changes. 

We provide an agency dedicated to helping our customers to embrace digital with peace than with pain, by bringing our +50 years of experience in company strategies and modern software practices.

“Our vision is to bring the client to the digital, reducing the risk and cost of making a new software”

Meet the Team

Alexandre Cuva
Co-founder, Agile consultant & Technical mentor

+25 years in international software services, Agile organisation and Crafts Coaching

Michel Goldenberg
Co-founder, Agile consultant & certified Scrum Trainer

+20 years in international collaboration training. Agile organisation Coaching and Scrum Trainer

Gabriel Ronchi
Sales Director

+ 20 years in Switzerland IT Sales.