Software Modernisation

Align your business and technology to enable change and make innovation possible.

Our expert teams work in collaboration with you to create and implement a strategic software modernization roadmap with minimal impact on your business.

Software Modernisation

Improve business agility, by making change easier and faster

– Software assessment
– Strategic refactoring
– Continuous Delivery
– Coaching & Training existing teams

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Product Development

Drive innovation through exceptionally built products and ROI without compromising quality.

Our teams work collaboratively across product management, UX/UI, and engineering to go beyond building quality software that creates products fit for a sustainable and adaptable future.

Product Development

Deliver good quality products to market quickly

– Understand needs collaboratively
– Quality Excellence
– Continuous Delivery
– Coaching & Training existing teams



Enhance your team’s skillset with our industry-leading training courses. We create bespoke training plans adapted to your business needs.

We provide certified training from the Scrum AllianceScaled Agile International Certification.


Enhance your capability to deliver quality software faster

– Scrum Alliance
– Modern Software
– Scaled Agile
– Custom Agile or Development training


Discover the incredible story about our company.

SoCraDev is a global organization with its site in Nyon, Switzerland, at the border of Geneva Lake.

We understand that our customers have a common problem, their maintenance is costly and not adapted to today’s fast market changes

We provide an agency dedicated to helping our customers to embrace digital with peace than with pain by bringing ours over +50 years of experience in company strategies and modern software practices.

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Meet People Behind Our Success .

Alexandre Cuva

Co-founder, Agile consultant & Technical mentor

Michel Goldenberg

Co-founder, Agile consultant & certified Scrum Trainer

Gabriel Ronchi

Sales Director & Business mentor

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